All of our food is locally made fresh either in house or brought in from other local businesses!

IMG_20170527_104242_200Cranberry Orange & Toasted Oat with Lemon Curd scones made from scratch in house from Cup & Kettle…$5.00

21559079_701667460028634_7884042049735242001_nPumpkin spice scones made from scratch in house from Cup & Kettle…$5.00


Sandwiches made in house using Piccoli Dolci cornettis:

Cucumber, Cream Cheese, & Dill…$5.50

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, & Dill…$7.00

Piccoli Dolci Ham & Crescenza Cheese…$6.00


Earl Grey Cookies made with our Earl Grey tea from Baked! of Bloomington, baked fresh each morning…$1.50

Lucky Guy Bakery

Iconic, Gluten Free, Nutty, & Hat Trick brownies from Lucky Guy Bakery…$4.5o


Hoosier Honey 

Honey Straws…$0.25

Small Honey Bear…$3.00

4oz Glass Honey…$5.50

Clover 1 Pound…$7.50

Raw Wildflower 1 Pound…$9.00


White chocolate truffles by Peacetree Mountain Truffles made with Cup & Kettle raspberry green tea…$4.50

Piccoli Dolci

Piccoli Dolci

Lemon Tart…$3.23

Apricot or Raspberry Crostatina (small jam “pie”)…$3.50

Spinach or Mushroom Filoncino…$3.00

Cantucci (small Italian biscotti)…$3.50

Nocciolata (nutty cake with dark chocolate)…$4.75


Fresh fruit tart with cream by Piccoli Dolci...$4.75


Round Robin Baked Goods

Raw & Wild Blueberry Cheese Cake …$6.25

Cheese Sandwich …$6.75

Turkey Sandwich …$8.00

Round Robin Baked Goods is offering you the tastiest and healthiest sandwiches, now with Muddy Fork Farm Bakery’s Seeded KAMNUT® Wheat bread. “KAMUT® wheat is an ancient strain of wheat with a naturally sweet flavor and higher protein and iron content than modern wheats.”

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Divine Delights from Round Robin Baked Goods…$1.75


Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Peppermint, & White Chocolate Vegan Chocolate bars from Whelpdale Chocolates…$6.00