Cup and Kettle Menu

Summer Food Menu


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Egg and Bacon.jpg

Beacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich / $4

Smoked Bacon, Smoked Gouda Cheese and Egg, on a Ciabatta Bun.

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche / $4.75

Sautéed Broccoli and Onions, Spices, and Fluffy Egg on a Buttery Crust.


Chicken Salad Sandwich.jpg

Chicken Salad Sandwich (GF) / $5.75

Roast Chicken with Cranberries and Pecans on a Toasted Croissant.(Gluten Free)

Sun-dried Tomato Puff.jpg

Sun-dried Tomato Puff / $3.50

Olive Oil Soaked Sun-dried Tomatoes and Goatcheese on a Puff Pastry.

Sweet Treat

PB Date Bite.jpg

PB Date Bite (GF) (V) / $1.75

Crunch Peanut Butter in a Dark Chocolate Dipped Date.
(Gluten Free) (Vegan)

Matcha Brownie.jpg

Matcha Brownie / $2.25

Matcha Green Tea Powder Baked into a White Chocolate Brownie.

Chocolate Hazelnut Puff.jpg

Chocolate Hazelnut Puff / $3.50

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with Cream Cheese in a Puff Pastry.

Toasted Oat Scone.jpg

Toasted Oat Scone / $4.50

Buttery Toasted Oat Scone Served with a Side of Lemon Curd.

Cranberry Orange Scone.jpg

Cranberry Orange Scone / $4.50

Dried Cranberry and Fresh Orange Combine In This Buttery Scone Topped with an Orange Glaze.