New Beginnings

When Kayla and I first decided to open a tea shop, we had know idea what we were getting into.  Originally, we thought we would start small by selling online.  We even talked about blending teas and starting a small tea garden.  Soon, that dream evolved into “Hey lets just open a tea shop!”

Fast forward to 9 months later, and we are finally getting close to realizing our dream!  Well, in about 6 months!  A lot of work/planning goes in to opening a store.  After many obstacles, our vision is starting to take shape!  For me this process has been similar to having a baby.  Sounds silly, but it has been months and months of “Can we really do this?” and well…”It’s too late to back out now!” In all honesty, it has been a terrific learning experience, and I feel inspired every dayIMG_0803


We still have a long way to go before our grand opening, but are well on our way to realizing our dream! Cheers!


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